How 'well-known manicured nails, healthy, shiny, are critical to the beauty of the hands and feet also. In some cases, the nail may present different aspects:

Bitten nails - We are in the presence of nail biting. To overcome this problem there are several remedies the main ones are: the use of products to be used directly on 'nail or use the gel or acrylic nails.

Brittle nails - When we notice the grooves or nails that break with ease. ' The causes of this problem can be attributed to more 'factors: lack of vitamins or minerals, drug treatments, weakened physical state of the person's nail to corrosive media such as the use of water, detergents, soaps etc. that dehydrate the nail making it so 'more' weak. Also in this case we can help our nails with products such as nail polish or use the reinforcing nails gel or acrylic, allowing cosi'all 'nail to grow and reach the desired length.